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"He who travels far will often see things far
removed from what he believed was  truth.  When he talks about it in the fields at home he is often accused of lying, for the obdurate people will not believe what they do not see and distinctly feel.  Inexperience, I believe , will give little credence to  my song."  (quote is believed to be by Hermann Hesse)

Welcome to my website!
I'm Jeffrey R. Crimmel, author of Living Beneath The Radar: A Nine-Year Journey Around the World, Learning to Love the Peso, Centavo; A Dog from Mexico and currently writing The 60's, If You Remember it You Didn't Live it

About the Author
About the Author Jeff Crimmel is a retired teacher who has been teaching Special Needs students in California and Arizona for 23 years. He moved to Arizona with his wife Suzanne from Sebastopol, CA in 2000 after they visited the Southwest in 1998. The National Parks of Zion and Bryce Canyon inspired Jeff to take his photography hobby into a professional level for 6 years while living in Flagstaff, AZ.

In the summer of 2009, after retiring from teaching, Jeff decided to write down his nine years around the world journey from 1970-1979 after his two daughters kept asking about how he met their mother in India and what happened during that time. Living Beneath the Radar is my humorous book of those nine years.

In 2011 I moved with my wife to Peoria, AZ for one year and started to write the book, Learning to Love the Peso.  It is an account of my move to Baja Mexico which started in May of 2011 and finished in June.  I have documented the tale of our Book covermove and the adjustments we made and finished the book while living in our house near the town of San Felipe, Mexico.  The needed information is in the index of the book so it can be accessed easily for others to use if they also want to try such an adventure.  The story is humorous as well as informative.

Centavo; A Dog from Mexico is a short book written for youth 12 years and older about the life of a dog who was adopted off the streets of a small fishing village in Mexico and brought back to the states to live.  The story is from the dog's perspective and tells all the changes Centavo has toCentavo cover make from being a dog on the streets in Mexico to living with Americans in Arizona.  The book is dedicated to Steve Forman who started a pet neutering and spay clinic in San Felipe and died in 2011 soon after we moved to the area. Part of the profits of the book will go to Viva, an organization that is carrying on the clinic work and it is also available for other clinics in third world countries to sell and profit from.

 coverThe '60s; If You Remember It You Didn't Live It  If you were too young or too old to remember the '60s or just didn't care, then this book is for you.  It covers everything you missed and then some.  My high school and college years were spent mostly during this time of change and transition in America.  The experiences I had plus information provided by Wikipedia sums up many of the challenges we faced from the Vietnam war to Women's Liberation. There are many views on all the subjects covered. The reader will have theirs and I have mine. Enjoy the ride.  I know I did.